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Monday, December 20, 2010

Bill Murphy : JP Morgan having BIG problems in the silver market

Bill Murphy of Gata discusses the drop in gold's price in light of the U.S. dollar's fall, the results of the G-20 meeting, sovereign debt and other factors that should, in reality, cause the price to increase. Max Keiser has come up with great plan, if 100 million Americas were to buy a 1oz coin to bust JPM. this would be good way for the people to show their disapproval of the big banks in bed with big government.

people def have money to buy silver. even the most poor people in American who are on welfare have enough to buy drugs, if everyone just bought a few ounces that would be significant The sell-off would have nothing to do with the fact that Gold is at an all-time high would it now? You have people with some money trying to fund real projects so it doesn't surprise me that there was a sell off. Sure there is a lot of underhanded behavior on the part of Investment Banks to undermine the price of metals but they have something that investors don't and that component is "TEAM INTEGRITY". "When is a good time to cash out" is the battle cry of metal investors. Get some Silver , the plan that people should go and buy precious metals right now just to tank JPMorgan, won't work. People out there have no jobs, some of those peeps are unemployed, need to buy groceries to feed the kiddies, need to pay mortgage/rent, need money like NOW! For those good folks who purchase metals back 5, 10 years ago, may be selling now and taking profits because they need physical cash to live on. Everyone go buy metals, yeah, that is good idea, but u need to understand people in deep now.I respectfully submit, that while buying physical metals is a big win for the individual, JPM will not lose a penny. The Federal gov't will replace any losses to JPM, by using money stolen from the public. People, there are ways to protect yourself. They are not difficult to discover. Find out what they are, and use them! (hint:, or other reputable precious metals dealers. People, do your homework)).
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