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Friday, December 31, 2010

Robert Kiyosaki Is Predicting A $6,000/oz. Silver Price In The Next Couple Years

Most people still have no clue about the potential for the silver metal price.Robert Kiyosaki made the following future silver price prediction of $6,000 during an interview on FTM Daily in November.  I basically agree but Bill Still who made the movie and also produced Money Masters 15 years ago says that even if you can't trust Gov. to not over print at least the money they world coin wouldn't be debt like it is now. What do you propose as the best monetary system for the United States. Can the Rothchilds with an estimated net worth north of $500 Trillion really be stopped from gathering up much of the gold on a gold standard?

it's nearing $31 atm and I hope there is a drop in price to below $30 so I can buy some. At the $6000k a (troy) ounce price point, I would be able to pay off my debts with a few silver ounces!!!
However I feel that there are a few things that I think will prevent it from going to 6k:
silver is an industrial metal, but what would happen if industry is reduced (solar flare in 2012 according to NASA, oil prices way up ~ peak oil)?
I'm still going to buy a few ounces, it can't hurt
the rothschilds & an associated international clan are using US & NATO forces as their private army. they can put pressure on any govt to do what they want. including the confiscation or hefty taxes on gold. I think the chinese & russians will counter this effectively in the future with their own gold. they are the largest gold producers now. medvedev was showing off a gold coin at at G20 (or whatever) very recently. these are small hints like "get ready for gold". could be.
Silver Shortage
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