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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Webbot predicting Silver Shortage?

Webbot predicting Silver Shortage? Bank Of America the fall guy to hold the toxic assets?
Nobody knows for sure. But, I gotta admit, WebBot is intriguing. They're trying to forecast trends based on web "linguistics". Dunno, but my hat flies to Clif for at least trying.
As long as we have central banks and armies standing to defend them, we can't really say with confidence what will happen next. But, I think it's real clear that ALL commodities will increase in value, over time. Just depends on how much time you have.Mike Maloney talks about inevitable shortage in his book written in 2008. many analyst predicted COMEX default in 2010. Consider the growing monetary demand and number of paper claims on silver 100+. It is just matter of when.

Ya the webbots are like entertainment until you wake up one day and do some serious research into them and find out that they called all of silver's moves way back in 2003 and btw,they forecast silver to reach parity with and eventually surpass gold in the future.Doubt that the public has been given the full picture of the mortgage scam. Just read somewhere the other day that many of these mortgages were insured at 90% so it was more beneficial for the the lenders to push foreclosures quickly as they ended up with not only the funds but properties as well. Entertainment or not, sounds like the webbots have had some hits
Silver Shortage
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