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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Bank of China Gold & Silver

I was there in Shanghai during the summer, and most banks were selling gold and silver bullion in their glass show cases.  Bank of China has been actively promoting gold and silver products for years. I am now back in Asia and noticed that they have changed their marketing program slightly for gold and silver products. Silver & Gold Pandas can be purchased once again by special order but to my knowledge can no longer be purchased on-site at the bank. Prices for Silver Pandas have increased from about 160RMB the first time I lived in China to now about 240 - 270 RMB per coin. The price varies by dealer. One thing is for certain, demand is sure there. Prices will only increase. We are just getting started in the greatest bull run for precious metals in history!

If China could do something about the outrageous level of counterfeitting it would increase confidence in purchasing these items. I love Pandas more than any other coin and I'm virtually certain I dont own any fakes, but I just wouldnt be able to bring myself to buy those bars from a 3rd party.I listened to Robert Kiyosaki's advice on silver: "I believe this is the biggest investment anyone can make in the next 100yrs" I did my research and found an opportunity that has changed my life in 12 months.
Silver Shortage
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