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Saturday, January 15, 2011

David Morgan Silver to hit $40 an ounce at least during 2011

David Morgan on the Financial Sense News hour 14 Jan 2011

David Morgan sees silver at at least $40 and gold at $1600 sometimes in 2011 although we might see some disappointments in the precious metals prices down the road , the markets need to correct and take a breath from time to time but there is only one way down the road and it ius up and up both for Gold and Silver ,

The mainstream has been yelling "it's a bubble!" from when gold was 500$ and below. There comes a time when one stops paying attention.As Marc Faber said last year when he had a room full of hedge fund personnel- only 5% of people are in Metals- this means that there is a long way to go- previously the Chinese, Indians and the Russians were not in Play - with them in the market- we can expect a definate higher set of prices in the long term. anyway we are about 40% from the top.
Silver Shortage
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