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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Fluctuations in the Silver Market : Max Keiser on the Edge 1 with David Morgan [07-Jan-11]

Kill 666 buy .999This edition of Press TV's On the Edge with Max Keiser sheds light on some behind-the-scenes realities of the silver market. The main problem with the precious metal is that, in some transactions there is no real, physical silver and what the investor gets in return for his money is paper silver. Some federal banks have pursued the trend for a quite long time and continue to do add to their huge pile of liability by issuing more and more paper silver. The manipulation is feared to leave a huge impact on the market in the long run.
If the world mines 600,000,000 oz.s a year, and we use 600,000,000 oz.s.a year, and the world has 1,000,000,000 oz.s. Are they count the silver in my safe, and if so tell them to put me down for 285 more oz.s I bought to day. Take down J.P. Morgan.
btw  Iran and Russia have the real media- nothing like this ever existed in the US. Meanwhile, here in Denver, the local news tells us to get our vaccines and drink our poisoned water and live in terror. Imagine watching this program on American TV- it couldn't happen. Thank you, NSA, for allowing me to view this program. Unfortunately, I'd also like to put you all in labor camps and give you a taste of the stew you've been cooking. Peace.
Silver Shortage
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