Silver, above ground, is more rare than gold! There is seven times as much gold above ground as compared to silver!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Gold to Silver Ratio remains below 50 - The Silver Log (01.27.2011)

The paper and physical pricing has already diverged in my opinion. If you search eBay's completed listings on Scottsdale Silver 1oz. bars you'll see they are STILL averaging 34-36 dollars an ounce. Demand is raising the price of silver, and you will continue to see it skyrocket in price as demand dwindles. Purchase directly from the dealer to get closest price to spot. Keep on stacking!

Silver Shortage
GOLD is the money of the KINGS, SILVER is the money of the GENTLEMEN, BARTER is the money of the PEASANTS, but DEBT is the money of the SLAVES!!!