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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Silver Bullion Shortage? 1 Ounce Rounds in Short Supply Locally!

Silver bullion rounds are increasingly harder to come buy locally. Perhaps the Max Keiser buy silver crash JP Morgan is kicking in. I also think silver is in demand because people are starting to catch on that the paper money is in trouble. They are looking to protect themselves in case of an economic collapse, a dollar collapse or other financial crisis. Junk silver coins can be had locally, but how high will silver have to go before people start selling back there one ounce silver rounds? I think the junk silver coins will start to gain in popularity as the silver bullion gets hoarded.Silver is also an important catalyst in chemical processing.As far as getting it out of the ground, that will take energy which seems to be only getting more expensive.

i personally don't think the general public will immediately identify junk silver coins. personally i think that the 999 "labelled" silver will be more practical in a SHTF situation or collapse. there is a lot of fractional 999 silver around that could be better for those scenarios... but ANY SILVER IS GOOD ! like the videos and subscribed
Silver Shortage
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