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Sunday, February 27, 2011

iShares Silver Trust SLV scam exposed

SLV scam exposed. Investment fraud, stock market scams
I knew this about the SLV (and GLD) but everyone should know this info! To trust a banker is like trusting the devil. Don't cry when you get burned. Owning physical is the only way to go now. The GLD and SLV are insurance policies securing a lifeboat on the Titanic, but if she hits an iceberg then the insurance becomes payable in cash. SLV is fraud I kept telling people these ETFs are scams, but they won't listen.

Excellent break down of SLV! Also, I would add SLV is an open-ended fund, which is highly suspect for anything claiming to be 1:1 physical. Eric Sprott has mentioned is fact multiple times and it often gets overlooked. I spoke with my regional manager two days ago. He said he put some money into SLV, since silver has been on this run of late. I said your in the wrong shares because SLV is widely known as being used to manipulate the price of silver by the big banks. He didn't believe me. I told him to sell and buy physical silver or silver mining shares
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