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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Physical Silver is $50 in the UK

I see it's good the UK have extortionate silver retail prices. Public are demanding (approximately) bullion dealers prices which incur approx 10-20% premium plus 20% VAT when they sell even if they are not VAT registered (rightfully so). I rather pay say 50% premium over spot now at £18 oz, and charge 50% premium if silver hits say £150 oz spot. Nice one

As Harvey Organ's been saying, it's looking more and more like things are going to get very interesting at the COMEX in March. I hope the banksters are hoarding lube, cuz they're about to take the BIG ONE. (Actually, I hope they take it dry; just like they've been giving it to us.)

It feels like we're almost at the top of the 1st big drop of a roller coaster. Hang on, cuz this ride's about to take off.$50 silver, wow! Here in Vancouver we have gone back into shortage mode now, after an adequate supply was used up over the holidays. Now there's none in the city and none expected for several weeks. The same is true for parts of Ontario, like the Toronto area, from what I've heard from my contacts. It looks like silver bullion available for sale in Canada is pretty much dried up. The prices HAVE to go up, there's just no way around that now.
Silver Shortage
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