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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Silver Sell Off What is next? Bob Chapman 50 year Vet explains

The past week of January 17th-21st saw a sell off of the metals resulting in lower Gold and Silver prices. So what is next? Bob Chapman of the International Forcaster a 50 year veteran of investing explains what he expects for the week of January 24th-28th. This segment came from the 01/23/2010 Pat Gorman Radio Broadcast with Chris Waltzek of Gold Seek and Bob Chapman on The Hard Money Report.

paper prices mean absoluetly nothing! you want to know the real price of silver and gold? go on eBay silver is now $26.69 right? Why is it that I cant get any eagles for less than $35 shipped? huh? funny! listen back whe it was at $18-20 you could not get an eagle shipped to your door for anything less than $30....thats reality.....people need to understand these price you see on graphs are for paper want the real price of metal go to th market! Ebay! APMEX is $29.82-$31.32 depending on number shipping costs. Silver curently 26.77. Basically it costs $3-$4.55 over spot plus ship cost. Ebay is great for those that want to snag a roll or two. Man I long for the days when you could buy a roll of 90% silver for melt and that included the shipping!
Silver Shortage
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