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Friday, March 4, 2011

COMEX Massive silver shortages and collapse of EURO and USD in 2011

COMEX Massive silver shortages and collapse of EURO and USD in 2011
A recent interview with Lindsey on Alex Jones has him mentioning that some rich folks did get wind of the silver leveraged position of the COMEX and started withdrawing silver by the millions of ounces, supporting the web bots analysis. At the silver prices and with backwardation of the spot price, it won't be long before the COMEX goes bust and the paper and physical silver prices diverge.

If you don't hold silver, then you don't own it.

Webbots score again !..They had predicted there would be a shortage of physical silver that was being held for storage as "allocated bullion", meaning these "rich investors" would have been paying storage fees for bullion which wasn't even turn, these rich folks would start "rich riots" .

However the webbots said the "rich riots" probably wouldn't make headline news so you may want to subscribe to my channel.... 'cause I do pay attention to this sorta info.
And BTW, the Webbots predicted this would set off the price of silver as these billionaires would take their cash settlement and immmediatly buy physical silver with it....which in turn will force drastic price increases on a daily basis... $5, $20...
driving the Elites Crazy!!

hold on folks '' cause I've got some much more to say about what silver will be doing in the near future and it's all Bright!!
Silver Shortage
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