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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Industrial demand from China will boost silver price

The #1 reason why silver will reach a triple digit spot price is the China factor. Prior year 2002, the private ownership of gold was prohibited in China but since early 2009, the Chinese government has been promoting aggressively the ownership of silver and gold to its citizens through China's Central Television, the main state-owned television company. Locals can buy silver bullion or gold bars at any Chinese bank in four different sizes .The Cninese demand for silver is still strong and further physical silver shortage could develop.China and its people are getting richer. They have high savings rate which enables them to invest in production and buy gold, silver and other commodities.
As Chinese people getting richer they will want to increase their standards of living. They will create demand for electronics and other consumer goods.As we know it's impossible to make iphone or TV without silver.Silver is the best electricity conductor.There is a lot of potential for high silver demand.Around 20% of World's population lives in China.

The global annual mine production for silver stands at 860 million ounces. Population of China is 1.3 Billion. Even if half, 650 million, were to buy a minimum of one ounce every month, that is enough to cause a price increase. If the Chinese citizens are indeed beginning to buy gold and silver, then this has to be a strong indication that prices are going to rise dramatically in the relatively near future.China is the only country in the world now that promotes gold and silver to their citizens.
Silver Shortage
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