Silver, above ground, is more rare than gold! There is seven times as much gold above ground as compared to silver!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Silver or Gold Bullion

During the time of Tiberius (time of Christ) 200 denarius was about 21.5 troy ounces of silver by weight, the price to buy 5,000 loaves of bread to feed 5,000 men with their families (Mark 6:37). Average price of a loaf of bread in Canada today is $3.00. To feed 5,000 at one loaf per family would cost $3 x 5,000 or $15,000. Thus an ounce of silver during the time of Tiberius priced in today’s dollars is $15,000 /21.5 troy ounces (200 denarius) = $697 per ounce.

Silver is definitely undervalued. In fact, many top analysts say the prices of silver and gold ought to be reversed based on supply alone. Some say the Earth has less than a decade left of silver left in its ground.  Silver actually has alot of industrial demand. All the Gold that's ever been mined still exists in one form or another.Silver is gonna go crazy like really really crazy as Jim Sinclair's call which is gold going to 1625$... XD get silver and get silver miner! XD . America and the World is headed toward an economic Meltdown!
The majority of individuals are simply to busy to have any insight into the above truth. If you see this truth, then please, for the sake of you and your loved ones, take a minute to empower yourself with the knowledge of what you can do to thrive and survive.JPM said they are going to lessen the naked short positions. With what their magic wand? I will never believe them. They are full of BS and their are always going to be full of BS because the Fed makes money out of thin air and they are not federal and they don't have a reserve.
The industry demand of silver is far much bigger now then in -91, also the central banks was selling of huge amounts of silver in the 90's.

Most silver today is in landfills and the reserves above ground has never been smaller.

This has made silver interesting for investors and the investing part of silver is also getting bigger and bigger.

Another "historical" event is the growing markets in the 3rd world, now getting computers and cellphones. The only demand in the 90's was from west.
Silver Shortage
GOLD is the money of the KINGS, SILVER is the money of the GENTLEMEN, BARTER is the money of the PEASANTS, but DEBT is the money of the SLAVES!!!