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Monday, March 7, 2011

Silver Price $36, Food Shortages , Higher Food Prices , Flooding To hit Midwest

food prices can literally go to infinity. Especially with the use of credit cards these days, people wont just not eat. They'll charge as much as they need to survive
Ethanol cuts MPG by as much as 25%, ergo, oil/gasoline consumption goes up. Just google "how to remove ethanol from gasoline" People hate ethanol cuz it hurts MPG. Also, there is a chemical reaction that causes the motor oil to break down quicker, thus causing more damage to engines

Silver bullion price is over $36, gold is higher as well. The current food inflation around the world just may get worse with wheat stockpiles down, fewer plantings in Russia today. The US estimates that global grain stockpiles to be down 13%. Not only does the world face a further economic collapse but now governments must prepare for food riots and further unrest.

Food inflation has taken down governments in Egypt, Yemen and has spread to Libya, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait. Violence in the Middle east continues. Precious metals and commodities continue to go up in price. Higher oil prices and higher gas prices causing big problems.

National weather service is calling for flooding to hit the upper Midwest in America. This may cause a major disruption in grain harvest come the fall. The US estimates that there will only be 18 days of grain on hand at the beginning of the fall harvest. Preppers keep prepping. Buy bulk food if you can to protect yourself from higher food prices later. Gardening will be a big plus. Grow your own food if at all possible.

Wheat Planting Falls to Four-Year Low in Russia Amid Export Ban
Silver Shortage
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