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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Eric Sprott : Silver Bull run just started

Eric Sprott runs one of the largest hedge funds in Canada his PSLV (silver) Sprott Physical Silver Trust since it was launched October 29th 2010 it has increased by over 75% in value , IPO at $10/Share now trading at $17/Share .Eric Sprott believes that it is the man in the street who is driving the demand for silver for example the US mint this year has sold as many dollars in silver coins as it has sold in silver coins but the prices are different by 38 to 1 which really means that the common guy is buying Silver the reason silver going up is because of savers Eric says people want to rather own a hard asset than a paper asset there is also the industrial demand and the fear factor related to QE1 , QE2 and a possible QE3 it is not just about the weakness of the dollar , a lot of people are losing confidence in the Euro the Yen and of course the dollar We are still far away from a bubble Eric explains the precious metal ownership is still less than 1 percent so there is no mania going on as of yet , Eric dos not believe that interest rates have anything to do with the silver rally so even if the FED raises its rates it won't affect the rally what's driving it is the lack of faith in the currency , Sprott believes that Silver will dramatically outperform Gold over the next 5 years he calls the next decade the Silver's decade while the last decade was Gold's decade

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