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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

James Turk : the silver physical market is very tight

James Turk on Goldseek Radio 26 Apr 2011

the silver physical market is very tight says James Turk of : I am anticipating a waterfall decline of the dollar in not a very distant future , as we are getting close to June when the FED have to decide whether to stop the Quantitative easing or stop it , but the reality is I do not see how they can stop Quantitative easing says James Turk ,and they are afraid to get off , giving that the politicians in Washington continue to spend like there is no tomorrow that debt got to be financed somewhere and it is going to be financed by the printing press that's very very inflationary , ...the market ios tight it has been tight for quite some time and silver remains in backwardation where the spot month is higher than the futures contracts in December 2015 and that's about a 65 cent backwardation which is very very rare event but it's an indication of how tight the physical market is , what's happening here is that the paper market is becoming less important as a price discovery mechanism , and people are putting more emphasis on the physical market , so when you look at valuing the physical metal you hold do not look at the paper market look at the physical market what thee deals are actually doing and you'll see that actually the market is very very tight ...and you have backwardation concessions in silver these are likely to continue....

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