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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Silver to outperform Gold in the coming years

The silver price is driven by inflation fears, the demands of industry and new forms of investment easier to negotiate.Pushing the silver price to exceeded $ 46 an ounce last week.The deflationary fears and the use of QE by the FED as a tool to stimulate exports devaluing the dollar, have pushed investors to diversify their assets, in activities to protect their wealth. The falling dollar has raised the price of silver to its maximum of the last 31 years.
While it is often called the gold of the poor, there are a number of factors that can raise the price of silver to outperform gold in the coming years. Unlike gold, silver is used in many industrial applications and in fact almost half of the silver mined goes for the industrial use. These applications include silver alloys used in batteries, electronic applications requiring a higher conductivity (such as televisions and microwave ovens) and as a catalyst for chemical reactions.
a lot of silver is still used in photography as well as jewelry and silverware. Silver also is becoming the metal used in solar panels because of its reflectivity of the light and its excellent conductivity.
With China at the forefront of solar technology, the demand for silver is growing while exports fell by 64%. China is the third largest producer of silver, with almost 13% of world production in 2009. China the third largest producer, preceded by Peru and Mexico have decided to reduce its silver export and it has instead become a net importer of silver . China's decision to reduce exports to meet growing domestic demand was one of the factors to push silver price higher
The report "World Silver Survey 2010, produced by the research company GFMS estimates that unless further developments in the cycle, supply / demand, the market will feature silver, worldwide, by an excess of supply, but this surplus of supply will be completely absorbed by the investment sector which remains the major driver to support the price of silver. The study of Gold-Silver ratio, the ratio between gold and silver price, suggests that silver in the future may make further progress and perform better. The relationship between gold and silver price is currently around 37, while in the past has averaged around 60.
The popularity of gold has brought the price of gold to rise to the highest of all time, investors begin to worry that the gold has become too expensive, so the price of silver began to be attractive as a Financial investment .

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