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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Stephen Leeb : Silver price will go exponential

Stephen Leeb on Goldseek Radio 20 Apr 2011 : ...what I am more concerned about to be honest with you is what going on with Silver market and rare earth market says Stephen Leeb these markets are up more than 30 percent since the Japanese Earthquake and the nuclear accident , I do not think it is coincidental I really think it is recognition that silver and rare earth are going to be in tremendous demand because they are central to renewable energy , and if the nuclear is going to take a back seat even in China where they will still go forward pretty aggressively with nuclear they're really got to be more conscious of the risks that means a lot more solar a lot more wind a lot more rare earth a lot more silver , I would not be surprise that the Chinese are behind the Silver market move Stephen Leeb added ...or a major part of it , if that's the case I would guess the silver will go much more higher ....Silver price will go exponential

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