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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Bob Chapman : JP Morgan Chase did one of the biggest market manipulations of all times

Bob Chapman : here is what happened JPM JP Morgan Chase , HSBC are naked short on a 45 to one (nine to one is normal) Silver they are naked they can't deliver so they have decided they are gonna drive the price down as far as they could , and what they did , and here remember that Morgan is the biggest share holder in the Federal Reserve Bank , and HSBC Goldman Sachs Citi Group they're all involved , and they're the owners of the FED , they told the CME which owns the COMEX to raise margin requirements never in history have they raised them five times in nine days , now if that's not rigging the market I do not know what it is ...and I have been for 29 years in the brokerage business on top of that what they did is they called all the major commodity brokers and told them they wanted them to recommend that commodities be sold especially gold and silver , and to double the internal margin in their firms ....that wiped out every small investors in commodities and gold and silver and many of the middle sized ones and this is what they did one of the biggest market manipulations of all times , billions of dollars were lost
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