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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Eric Sprott : if only three percent in one day demanded physical delivery there will be no silver on the COMEX

Max Keiser interviews Eric Sprott on gold and silver prices (12May11) :

Eric Sprott : I have always looked at silver and gold as a situation where the demand will exceed the supply and when I looked at gold in the last decade we had a great change from the demand side which central banks used to be sellers and became buyers we used to have no ETFs now we have ETFs we used to have mining companies with hedge now they do not hedge and the shifts in ownerships have been dramatic in a market where we really seen no rise in supply in the case of silver what really turned me on about 12 months ago was as we witnessed people buying silver , you realize that there would not be enough silver to buy and as examples the US mint today sells as many dollars of silver as dollars of gold when you realize that silver trades at 40 to one ratio means they are buying 40 times physical ounces of silver as they are buying gold , when we sold our gold ETF we raised 440 million when we sold our silver ETF we raised 550 million , James Turk of Gold money he sells more dollars of silver than gold we have a little company called Sprott money that sells gold and silver coins we sell way more dollars of silver than gold , and so here we are in a situation where the prices are 40 to one but the dollars going into it are almost dead equal so I can't see the price ratio staying in this range ...we have been a net buyers of silver everyday , I'll be a buyer of silver today , I'll be a buyer of silver tomorrow so we have not lost any faith to what happened to silver ...I have no fear of silver here , yes it will be parabolic but it will be more parabolic than we have today , I have always thought that silver would trade at 60 to one ratio in terms of prices to gold to make it simple if we measure the gold at $1600 that would suggest that silver could go to $100 I think it might even over shoot downside may be trade as much as 10 to one and the reason I think that is that I believe that gold today is the de facto reserve currency silver has always been a currency people are treating it as a currency , it is a very very small market there is no way that with roughly 50 billion dollar of silver inventory around that we can make it a currency at these price levels so I see the price going much higher ....I think last weeks decline was premeditated ....very much orchestrated of the things that I think we should look at is the trading of silver in the paper market which I mean the COMEX and the SLV , last week it probably averaged 1.2 billion ounces per day there is only 700 million ounces mined in a year there is only 33 million ounces of physical silver at the COMEX available for delivery by the commercial shorters I mean if something like 3 percent of the people who are trading silver , three percent in one day demanded physical delivery there will be no silver on the COMEX , so I look at this paper markets and I just believe it's paper it's guys pushing buttons who really have no interest in silver other than trying to move the price one way or guess where the price is going ....I think the key market is the physical market , what the people are doing in terms of converting their fiat over to silver and gold and obviously that has a long momentum today and I do not think this raid is going to work even though it was shocking last week

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