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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Gold, Silver Futures Slump in New York as Dollar Strengthens Against Euro

Another bad day today for the precious metals , The price of silver losing a further 8%, gold sinking back to the $ 1,500 level. The prices of silver and gold have recorded significant losses today. The CME Group the company that manages the NYMEX (New York Mercantile Exchange), has announced two further increases of the initial deposit required to secure transactions on the futures on silver. The news sparked a new shower of precious metals sales. The expiring July futures on silver at the NYMEX closed in fall of 8% to $ 36.24 an ounce. It was the strongest drop in session since December 2008. Since last Friday the price of silver has lost 25.4%. The gold futures expiring in June ended in a fall of 2.2% to $ 1,481.40 an ounce. It's been three weeks that the gold price did not close at these levels. To add to downward pressure on the precious metal was now also the strong recovery of the dollar. The greenback has appreciated against the euro by about 2%. The jump in the dollar weighed on all commodities in general.

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