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Friday, May 13, 2011

John Embry & James Turk on the Physical Silver Shortage

John Embry Chief Investment Strategist at Sprott Asset Management discusses the recent correction in the silver price with James Turk, Director of the GoldMoney Foundation: ....I think the rise to the recent $50 peak believe it or not was justified and it is funny when you read the main stream press everybody is talking about bubbles and how big the crash is going to be , they would not seem to understand the fundamentals I think the fundamentals of silver are impeccable , the fact that we are going through a tough crash is not surprising it's a paper driven COMEX sponsored correction and it's to be expected , I mean if you have been involved in silver market as long as we have at Sprott we're used to these things they are not fun but it is another buying opportunity ... The paper market probably drives the prices most of the time when the physical takes over is when the physical shortage takes place and what's going on right now is very clearly there is a massive short position in...

MAKE SURE YOU GET PHYSICAL SILVER IN YOUR OWN POSSESSION. Don't Buy SLV, or Futures or Pooled Accounts or any other BS paper silver product .Remember anything on paper is worth the paper it is written on. Go Long Stay long the bull market have even started yet

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