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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Peter Schiff : now a good time to buy Silver

Peter Schiff : now it's a good time to buy Silver

Peter Schiff :...I would say that the moves over the last couple of weeks have been largely driven by speculators but overall the entire bull market NO , i mean it's driven by the fundamentals , Silver is not rising because there are speculators it's because silver is rising that's why there are speculators they are attracted to the bull market but they are not causing it , but certainly at a certain point speculators will add a volatility , we had a huge move up before this correction , it's hardly crashing I mean silver is at $40 dollars an ounce it's right back to its trend line , I think it's a good buy right now not only for long term holders like me , if you are a short term trader if you are fast money guy I do not think there is a lot left to this correction i think there is more upside now just to re catch the fifty level .....

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