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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Peter Schiff : the vast majority of the correction is now over in the silver market

Peter Schiff : now there is more upside potential than downside risk in the silver market the vast majority of the correction is over

Peter Schiff : ...nothing goes up on a straight line silver had certainly gone ahead of itself the gold silver ratio was way in silver's favor in a very short period of time , so it makes sense that we have a pull back especially from a level like fifty ($50/oz) which was the record high going back to 1980 so it certainly makes sense that we got a pull back the catalyst could have been Bin Laden but Peter Schiff doubts it that could be a coincidence a lot of time the markets look for any kind of catalyst to do what they want to do anyway and it's clear that a lot of speculators got into the market

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