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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Silver was money in Hamburg Germany for 250 years

Steffen Krug tells James Turk how for 250 years Silver was the only money in the port City of Hamburg one of the biggest ports in Europe and in the world ,the coin was called the Mark Banco until Bismarck replaced it with the Goldmark in 1873 , The Mark Banco was equivalent to 8.5 grams of silver . Hamburg was a major trading center during the Hansa time , they chose the Marc Banco as a currency it was a measure of weight of silver , the Marc Banco soon became popular amongst all the merchants in Europe including the City port of Amsterdam and Madrid , the Marc Banco became a reference.most of the trade in Germany was done with silver untill the Bismarck took over and brought the gold standard . The Marc Banco was so popular among the people so the Bismarck had to call his currency the Reichsmark so people will say we still have our Marc

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