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Saturday, July 9, 2011

James Turk : Silver to continue outperforming Gold

James Turk : ...when you are accumulating gold you are saving sound money , savings are always a good thing and it is particularly good when you are saving sound money as you are preserving your purchasing power over a long period of time , you are accumulating wealth in that regard , the key question is , is gold still a good value and even if the price has relatively rising quite a bit gold is still undervalued , the policy this decade of still continue accumulating still holds it is still valid ....James Turk says that his previous forecast for Gold at $8000 by 2013 2015 seems a bit conservative , gold prices may go even higher , silver is a little bit different from Gold says Turk because there is a lot of volatility with silver we 've seen it particularly in post Lehman collapse when silver got hit particularly badly compared to gold , silver bounced back quite strongly in 2009 than gold did over the past ten years silver has done very very well I think it will continue to outperform Gold , the gold silver ratio at the moment is about 63 or 64 the start base is about 20 ounces of silver to purchase an ounce of gold and I think over the next several years we gonna see the gold silver ratio fall toward that level , so if you can handle the volatility a little of silver in your portfolio makes sense as a general rule have may be two third of gold and one third in silver

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