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Friday, October 28, 2011

Silver Jumps More Than 5% today , Gold Sees Highest Weekly Rise in 2 Months

Silver Jumps More Than 5% &  the shares of several silver mining companies posted even bigger gains. The most dramatic example of that was the more than 9 percent gain in the share price of Mag Silver Corp.Precious metals rose on Thursday, boosted by gains in equities and commodities as the dollar dropped after a euro zone agreement to boost the region's bailout fund and slash Greece's sovereign debt . Silver has been on a tear lately. On Sept. 28 it closed at $29.82. With today’s closing price of $35.11 it has booked a four-week gain of 17.7 percent. And compared to the price of silver at the beginning of this year … it is up 14 percent.Silver slumped as much as 48 percent after reaching a 31- year high of $49.845 in April. Used in everything from jewelry and coins to solar panels and film, the commodity returned more than any other major precious metal over the past year with a gain of 30 percent. Gold rallied 22 percent .Gold also had a strong day. It rose sharply after European leaders announced a plan to restructure Greece’s debt … and protect the continent’s banks from the falling prices of the sovereign debt they hold. The announcement … which came overnight … sent stocks in Europe soaring and gave a huge boost to U.S. stocks, as well. The dollar fell against a basket of currencies to a six-week low. Besides the European development and the falling dollar … gold also is getting a boost from statements by Federal Reserve officials that they are seriously considering printing more money … strong demand from Asia
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