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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Robert Kiyosaki : I am a Silver bug

Robert Kiyosaki : I’m a silver bug, so one year ago, I told my friends, this is when silver was $17.00, I said, “You better buy now, ‘cause you’re never gonna see it again.” So, $17.00 was the magic number to me. And so, they really missed it. Now, as far as above $50.00, I would say that’s probably a given and they don’t understand why they’re getting into this stuff. But, the reason they’re getting into it is because, like, our government’s ripping ‘em off, but they would rather have, you know, a government we trust. And, you know, what I’m sick of right now, personally, is I turn on Fox and I watch the news and all it is is these political shows talking as if these politicians, or whoever’s elected or not elected next year, is gonna make a difference. And they’re talking about taxing the rich. You know, what – that’s not gonna make any difference. And they keep talking about how these regulations impede entrepreneurs. Well, nothing impedes entrepreneurs. So, you know, really, what it is is the individual person really does have very little financial education. And so, right now, this market’s crushing ‘em and I’m afraid if they do nothing, they will be crushed. I have a lot of friends and family who are in very dire straits right now. And no matter how much I talk to them, you know, I say, “You should buy silver now. It’s your last chance”, they didn’t do anything and I think that’s the problem. - in Goldseek Radio  Interview

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