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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Major Silver Shortage by August 2012?

In my research this week, I came across a couple of articles that were particularly interesting.  They made the case that a silver shortage could be exacerbated by as early as August of 2012.  The first reason given was that currently there is a majority of long positions on silver in comparison to the shorts in place.  As we speak, there are currently 2 long positions in silver for every one short position.  This is truly amazing considering the massive short positions that have been held by major financial institutions like JP Morgan Chase and others.  This disparity in short positions compared to long ones shows how the overall disposition toward gold and silver now are changing.

Mining Strikes

The second reason brought up was the major silver mine strikes in both South Africa and Indonesia.  In South Africa, a one days strike was held in which tens of thousands of miners came out in opposition to current working conditions and wages.  In the Gold Fields mines in South Africa 85% of workers stopped working leaving mining activity virtually at a stand still.  Gold Fields is the world’s fourth largest producer of gold.  These strikes right now have only had a small impact on supply provided, but if they continue they could significantly reduce the supply readily available on the market today.  As if that is not enough many mining company are reportedly keeping larger quantities of silver as a reserve than before, which also places stress on the world supply. Continue Reading>>>>
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Silver Shortage
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