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Friday, October 19, 2012

Will silver see a major supply squeeze and massive price increase?

LONDON (Mineweb) - A note by long term silver analyst (and silver bull), Israel Freidman published on Ted Butler's internet site contains some true gems which will be manna to the ears (if you can have such a thing) of silver investors everywhere. Leading off with the comment that silver is, in Freidman's view, the best raw material of all for the investor to hold, he says he held this opinion 30 years ago (when silver was under $5 an ounce) and holds the same view today (at $33) and that for the investor in bullion, silver remains one of the few commodities that the average person can actually hold in his possession (gold is another but the price precludes the ‘average' investor holding all but a tiny amount in comparison). And he waxes enthusiastic, particularly about the US Mint's silver eagle coin which he describes as the most beautiful, and popular, coin in the world. He is convinced that it is so popular that one day the US Mint will not be able to keep up with demand (we have seen occasional times in the recent past when the Mint has had to ration sales) and that premiums on the coins will explode if, and when, the Mint has to stop producing them.
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