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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Silver industry hit by shortage of craftsmen

Silver is a versatile metal, in the true sense of the word. It is adorned not just by women, as undoubtedly the silver khanjar is every Omani man's pride. There has always been a huge demand for silver, especially in Nizwa, which is said to be the oldest and the most famous wilayat to produce exquisite and creative silverware. But despite the means to produce such artefacts and a good demand, the industry has a serious dearth of Omani craftsmen, who are unwilling to acquire skills and keep up the tradition. Tourism is a major catalyst for the sale of silver in Nizwa. Edrees al Hashami, manager at the department of craft industries in the Dakhliyah governorate, said, “Demand for silver is continuously increasing and the main factors pushing the demand is an increase in tourism and trade. Omanis too prefer silver more than gold because the latter is expensive.” Nizwa Souq is the destination for silver lovers and the most popular items sold there are rings, chains and necklaces, according to Dawood al Ishaqi, a handicrafts dealer. Further, addition of fresh new designs to the stock attracts more customers, said Suleiman al Suleimani, a jewellery businessman in the souq.
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Silver Shortage
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