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Monday, April 15, 2013

Silver Market Coming Under Orchestrated Attack

By: Clive_Maund
Much of what is written in the parallel Gold Market update applies equally to silver, and it will not be repeated here. So we will proceed to look immediately at the latest silver charts.
Silver was a sideshow on Friday, as it was gold that came under an orchestrated attack, being driven down first in the Far East before waves of selling in New York took it lower and lower towards critical support, before it was dealt the knockout blow by the London physical market suddenly freezing up in the afternoon, sending holders of bullion into a blind panic and mad scramble to protect themselves in the futures market.
Silver was sideswiped of course and the collateral damage it suffered resulted in it breaking below a remarkably clearly defined and strong support level by the close, as we can see on its 3-year chart, a development which has set it up for a potentially brutal selloff and vertical plunge next week, as this has and will trigger stops clustered in this area, and we can expect hapless traders to be driven towards the exits by margin calls sent out over the weekend.
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