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Monday, July 22, 2013

Gold & Silver Shortages ~ Asian Dealers Fear Summer Shortage

Gold Jump Pulls Miners Higher as Asian Dealers Fear Summer Shortage

Silver Shortage
London Gold Market Report

From Adrian Ash

The WHOLESALE price of gold leapt in thin Asian trade Monday morning, jumping 1.7% inside half-a-minute and then extending its run in London to new 1-month highs at $1322 per ounce.

London-listed gold equities followed, with shares in Randgold Resources – tipped today by analysts at both J.P. Morgan and Morgan Stanley as better able to cut costs and avoid write-downs than competitors – rose 2.5%.

So too however did shares in African Barrick Gold – named by Morgan Stanley as a gold miner facing "heightened risks [with] limited scope to raise returns."

Russian gold miner Petropavlovsk, which by end-May had sold forward 70% of its 2013 output to hedge the falling gold price, meantime rose over 4.3% on the London stock market, taking its rally of the last two weeks above 40%.

Shares in the former million-ounce miner remained 75% below the start of 2013, however.

Randgold Resources was trading today 25% down for the year so far.

"Gold broke through a key technical level at $1300," said one Singapore trader to Reuters this morning.

The first breach of this "psychologically important" level since end-June, however, gold "is still a good $230 off the technically important 200-day moving average," says the daily note from Germany's Commerzbank.

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Silver Shortage
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