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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Silver And Gold: 3 Catalysts For A Breakout

"For the first time in a while silver looks like a deep value play. All you need is a supply shortage and that can be a major catalyst." -Andrew Chanin, PureFunds
By the behavior of silver and gold spot prices over the past two plus weeks it almost appears the breakout is underway. Perhaps it is as many would like to think. But let's not speculate ahead of ourselves without support of logic and the holding of no misconceptions about metal price rise. Fact: the price of silver and gold is going up, because the value of fiat currency is going down.
This article intends to make a case for precious metals with examples of mine-production decline and supply shortage, where and why the trend is most likely to continue, and a look at compounding economic factors that when combined with shrinking supply will create prosperity for some and despair for others.

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Silver Shortage
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