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Friday, November 29, 2013

Audio: Short-Term Shortages in Silver

David Jollie of Mitsui explains why and how silver shortages can develop...
SILVER SHORTAGES have been widely reported on the internet in 2013.
But does that mean there's a true shortage in silver worldwide? Market-renowned analyst David Jollie, speaks here to Miguel Perez-Santalla – vice-president at BullionVault in New York – about how the perception of silver shortages arise.
In this edition of Miguel's weekly New York Markets Live, David Jollie also talks about how the professional wholesale silver market operates, plus the 2013 activity in silver trading across the various consumer and industrial markets worldwide. Mining production costs are also a concern at current silver prices. But David is "an optimist" he says, and sees no reason for prices not to rally from here to New Year 2014 as the US Federal Reserve fails to taper its QE money printing anytime soon.
Hear the full 30-minute show now...

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Silver Shortage
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