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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

A Coming Silver Shortage?

Good Day! . And a Marvelous Monday to you! I sure hope all the Mothers out there had a grand day. I think the ones at my house did. But then I can't be sure, as no one said a word about their day, and you know me, I think it's all sunshine and lollipops all the time! HA! My beloved Cardinals hung on to win one of 3 and avoid getting swept by the Pirates last night. Have I told you how much I dislike Sunday Night games? I'm sure I have so I won't get into that again, other than to say, I dislike Sunday Night games!
Do you know what else I dislike very much? OK, if you guessed disco music, then you would technically be correct! But what I'm talking about here is when I come in, and turn on the screens, and see the news headlines, that they've rehashed for hours, that if you're just now looking at them, they seem to be "new". And it's not until you see the actual currency prices that you can tell that the news story is "old". And so it was this morning, as I saw a headline story talking about the euro being down. But when I turn on the currency prices, I see that the euro is up this morning.
I see the UBS and Citigroup are calling for a decline in the euro. I bet they wished they had done that last week when it looked as if the euro was to hit 1.40 and not look back. They would then seem like geniuses! But here's my take on the euro folks. Now, I'm not saying that the euro can't see more weakness, but to me, it appears that the selling last week was a knee jerk reaction to what the markets believe will be European Central Bank (ECB) action in June. Therefore, all the bad stuff that could come from ECB action in June, has already been priced in! I would take the other side of that bet with UBS and Citigroup. that is if I could. But to them, I'm not even a pimple on their back side!
I see that an ECB member, Weidmann, who just happens to be considered, a hawkish member of the ECB, is scheduled to speak this week, not once but twice! That's a double dose of hawkish tone coming from the ECB this week. And if we get some stronger data from the Eurozone, as is expected this week, that could very well be good medicine for the euro. Tomorrow we get a ZEW report, and as the week goes on, Industrial Production, CPI GDP and some other 3rd tier reports. So, chances are cause I wear that silly grin, the moment you come into view. No wait! What I'm trying to say is that chances are that the euro could see some recovery this week, so take that. UBS and Citigroup! HA! Come on Chuck, that was no time to pull out that Johnny Mathis song, but, I, I, was just typing and it came out that way. OK, you're forgiven.
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Silver Shortage
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