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Friday, May 9, 2014

Silver Industrial Demand Continues, David Morgan on China, Japan, Solar & The Metals

David Morgan has a BS in Engineering and a Masters in Business (finance and international business). David has been a private economist and precious metals analyst for over twenty years. He adheres to the Austrian School of Economics, although his degree is not from the Mises Institute. He is one of the more dynamic speakers in the Resource sector and has lead the charge for those interested in the silver market. His travels have literally taken him around the world speaking to both individual investors as well as institutions about the benefits of silver investments. A recently published book "Get the Skinny on Silver Investing" is now available through his website. Mr. Morgan hosts the website and writes a newsletter called "The Morgan Report." This e-mail newsletter is directed to benefit the subscriber by helping them to make as money as safely as possible in the natural resource sector by using market timing, and a diversified portfolio balanced between risk and reward. Mr. Morgan's track record so far has distinguished him because more of his junior selections have gone on to much higher listing and/or become mines than any other writer in the industry. The report is issued on a monthly basis by email only and updates are provided with no additional charge at this time. Annual price for the Morgan Report is $129USD

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