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Sunday, June 1, 2014

Silver Eagle Sales Limits Ends, Silver Prices Tumble in May

 Bullion 2014 American Silver Eagle sales held at very strong levels in May even as the silver market turned down for the third month in a row.The bullion coin numbers were aided, albeit, from a mid-month sales adjustment that saw April’s total drop and May’s figure lifted.
But first, in precious metals futures, silver prices for July delivery ended May at $18.68 an ounce, equating to a drop of 49 cents from its position at the end of April, or a dip of 2.6%. This third straight monthly decline marks a loss of $2.56, or 12.1%, from February’s close — the last month to see a gain. Year to date, silver prices have shed 69 cents, or 3.6%.
Looking at other precious metals futures:
  • Gold at $1,246.00 an ounce dropped 3.9% in May
  • Palladium rose to $836.35 an ounce, rallying 2.9% for the month
  • Platinum at $1,452.70 an ounce rose 1.7% in May
Year to date, gains stack to 3.6% for gold, 5.7% for platinum and 16.4% for palladium.

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