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Monday, June 9, 2014

To anyone buying gold in June: your patience shall be rewarded

Patient investors who buy when prices are at the low-point of the cycle always win in the long run. Historically gold prices are cheapest in June. Gold prices are at a low-point in their cycle. Buy while prices are low this month and your reward may come sooner than expected.
Why’s that? Did gold prices not fall $50 in the past week? Yes, gold prices are exceptionally cheap. Bullion billionaire Eric Sprott offers the following bullish thoughts in his latest missive:
1. The Gold Forward Offered Rate remains very low, with extended periods of time in negative territory.
2. Why is Germany’s repatriation of their 674 tonnes of gold taking so long? As of March 2014, only 69 tonnes had made their way back, a pace of less than five tonnes a month. If there is no shortage of gold, why are the US and UK exporting so much gold to Switzerland? (which itself exports most of it to China).
3. According to some estimates, China consumed over 4,800 tonnes of gold in 2013, implying that about 3,600 tonnes were drawn from global stocks (i.e. western vaults) to satisfy demand.
4. All this Chinese buying is reflected in the monstrous amounts of gold deliveries on the Shanghai Gold Exchange.
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