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Thursday, July 17, 2014

The Silver Price Manipulation Conspiracy

By: GoldSilverWorlds

Ted Butler writes: It’s now going on close to 30 years since I first discovered that silver was manipulated by excessive and concentrated short selling on the COMEX. I remember the exact moment like it occurred yesterday. It’s hard to believe I was in my 30’s when this started. As I’ve explained previously, I was looking for an answer to Izzy Friedman’s question as to how and why silver prices remained so low when the market was in a supply/demand deficit.
Through no great accomplishment on my part, aside from having a futures market background of almost 15 years at the time, it suddenly dawned on me that silver prices were dictated on the COMEX, to the point of price manipulation. Everything that has transpired since has only confirmed to me that silver prices are still manipulated on the COMEX.
That is not to say that there haven’t been many historical developments since 1985 in the silver market; just that none of those events do anything but confirm the ongoing silver manipulation. Not even an extreme price surge from $4 to $49 detracts from the manipulation premise; as how could any commodity jump that much with no big change in supply and demand if it wasn’t artificially priced too low to begin with?
Some, but not all, of the big silver developments to me were the sudden doubling of prices and even faster decline in 1987, the buying of silver by Warren Buffett in 1998 (perhaps due to my writing of metals leasing), the depletion of US Government stockpiles in 2001, 60 years after being the world’s largest holder of silver with nearly 6 billion oz, the introduction of the world’s first silver ETF, SLV, in 2006 and my discovery in 2008 that the rescue of Bear Stearns resulted in its massive concentrated short position being transferred to JPMorgan according to CFTC correspondence.
Other personal highlights were getting the CFTC to investigate the silver market at least three times, although the agency claimed to find no wrongdoing that it could prosecute and seeing so many come to realize that silver is a manipulated market through public data in the COT reports. None of these developments did anything but strengthen my conviction that silver was manipulated on the COMEX in the manner I discovered suddenly in 1985.
Very recently, I’ve had a second epiphany or Eureka moment similar to what hit me 29 years ago, although the circumstances were different and I thought I had already used up my lifetime quota of epiphanies. Whereas I was consciously seeking the answer to a perplexing question nearly three decades ago, this time I came across something I wasn’t looking for. In fact, while I used the word manipulation from the start, I avoided, like the plague, ever referring to the silver manipulation in terms of a conspiracy. For one thing, the term had always seemed derogatory to me and besides, I truly believed the manipulation was limited to a small handful of COMEX insider firms and individual traders. No more is that the case.
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