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Friday, August 22, 2014

3 Catalysts for a Silver Price Rebound

By Charlotte McLeod
3 Catalysts for a Silver Price Rebound

Q2 is over and done with, but the trends and key events it brought with it are still impacting the market.

According to Andrew Chanin, co-founder of the PureFunds ISE Junior Silver ETF (ARCA:SILJ), those trends include the continued positive performance of silver miners and a stagnant silver price, while the quarter’s key event was the news that the London Silver Fix would be replaced in August.

To get a better understanding of how those factors affected — and continue to affect — the silver market, Silver Investing News (SIN) sat down to chat with Chanin. Here’s what he had to say.

SIN last spoke with Chanin not long after the end of Q1, at which time he commented that “Q1 showed a very strong reversal in mining stocks from the trend we saw last year,” when precious metals “were one of the most punished sectors.”

When asked if mining stocks continued to perform well in 2014′s second quarter, Chanin said that though “we started to see a little bit of a sell off again” in March, “as we approached June, we began to see that the miners had started leading the way again and the metals started following them.”

It might seem odd that silver miners are performing better than silver itself, but according to Chanin “it’s not that uncommon.” Indeed, he said, “we’ve seen this several times already this year, as well as many times historically.” This time, he believes that renewed interest in silver stocks “was probably due to political tension” in addition to “the announcement that the silver fix was going to cease to exist in its current form.”

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