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Friday, September 5, 2014

Why Silver Will Not Return As Money


  • Silver is more useful as an industrial metal.
  • Using silver as coinage would drive up prices.
  • Fiat money is just as effective as a medium of exchange.
One of the reasons people mention to invest in silver is that this precious metal could - according to some - return to a monetary asset somewhere in the future. This is because people will fall back on silver coins as an alternative means of payment, once fiat money becomes worthless. This is because silver has retained value throughout the years. Despite this, it is very unlikely to expect central banks and governments to embrace silver coinage once again. To understand this, we only have to read the speech president Lyndon B. Johnson gave when he signed the Coinage Act in 1965...

Silver as money

For centuries silver has been used to create coinage, because the metal has some beneficial properties. The total above ground supply of the precious metal was relatively big compared to the annual mining production, which gave some stability to the price of the metal. Also, silver is very resistant to corrosion and it has anti-bacterial properties. These properties are great for a piece of metal that has to circulate from one person to another.
Two generations ago, silver was still widely used for the production of official coinage, but today all countries have abandoned the use of the precious metal for coinage. The silver coins still do exist, but they are hoarded because of their intrinsic value. Bags of silver coinage can be bought all over the world for the spot price of silver.
For day to day payments silver coinage has been replaced with coinage made from base metals like zinc and nickel. Also, coinage in general is gradually being replaced with digital bank transactions.
In 1967, the Netherlands stopped producing silver coinage. The guilder and the 2,5 guilder coins were no longer minted with 72% silver. In 1970 and 1973, the last 10 guilder coins with 72% silver content were minted. Since then, the guilder was made out of nickel and the silver coins started to disappear from circulation. Today, the silver coinage can still be bought for their intrinsic value.

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Silver Shortage
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