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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Asia facing Shortage of Silver

In my last piece entitled “Exciting Times: A whole new price discovery paradigm is literally around the corner”, I had mentioned that we need to stop looking at the COMEX for a physical default, as they have all the paper tools and games to cover up any physical shortages – at least for the meantime.

Instead of concentrating on the COMEX, I wrote that we need to be looking at the Asian markets, which ironically, are more transparent and less leveraged than the Western based COMEX.

The Physical Silver Story is Currently More Exciting than Gold’s Physical Story
I also outlined my reasons for stating that the physical silver market is presently under more stress than the physical gold market. However, I also stipulated that this is more particular to Asia than the Western world, as with relatively normal silver premiums in the Western retail market right now, these same stresses have not emerged over here yet. Rather, they are more particular to Asia, and more specific to buying silver in volume.

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Silver Shortage
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