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Monday, November 17, 2014

Silver Bottomed, Gold to 3,000 in two years - John Embry Interview

To me on the surface, that would seem that that wouldn't be a bottom, because yes, the
price is down, but people are still buying. Is it because just a few big buyers are buying,
or what's going on behind the physical scenes? John: I think you've got to understand the
nature if the market. That is the that, basically, there are two markets in effect. But the price
is currently still being set in the paper market, the future market on the COMEX or
over in the LBMA in London. It has been, obviously, a ploy of the world central banks, or particularly
the western central banks, but they, under the auspices of the Bank of International
Settlements, took control of the gold price. They've been able to do that. I've been wrong.
I never thought the price could go this low. As I didn't understand the full extent of
financial innovation today, the use of massive quantities of derivatives, high-frequency
trading, algorithm programs, all of these things have combined to allow these forces
to create artificial prices in the paper market that really have little to do with the true
fundamentals of the metal. What this has permitted is those people who
had not been taken in by this and have become bearish, to buy as physical at these depressed
prices as possible, which begs the question, where is the physical coming from? It's been
my contention for many, many years that it's coming out of the vaults of the western central
banks, and a lot of it is moving to China. I think, my perspective, this is a dreadful
development for the west and when China finally figures they can't get any more at these depressed

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