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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Acute shortage of silver coins

By Pete Thomas
As a refined metals dealer, the one product I must have on hand is one ounce silver coins. Whether it’s in bags or boxes, 90% or 60% lose coin, or Sovereign .999 fine silver, we use all of it every day. As of today, we have run out of most coins, and so have most of the other coin wholesalers in the United States. Most of the bigger manufactures do what’s called retooling to start their 2015 run on their newly minted coins for January. The difference this year is, they started retooling early because it has been a slow year until these lower price levels started kicking in. Now we usually can count on the Royal Canadian Mint (RCM) to fill the gap if we end up light in our inventory, but our friends to the North are also running behind. So that leaves us with the Perth Mint in Australia, which is an awful long way to ship 33 pound boxes of silver as we usually buy in 500 coin lots. As you can imagine, this isn’t the most cost efficient method let alone the time lapse from ordering to shipping half way around the world won’t work.

So what we have is the perfect storm. The price of silver has tumbled from forty eight dollars to fourteen. The consumption of metals for computers and phone manufacturing has been going down over the past few years but with the economy picking up over the past six months, as reflected in the Dow Index, the underlying demand from industry has also picked up. Also some of the mining companies have slowed down as the drop in price has made mining much more costly as we approach the breakeven price where by the mines are producing at cost.  And then the other shoe dropped, the public decided that the current price is worth dipping their toe in the water. Purchases of one ounce coins just exploded and no one was ready for the surge.

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Silver Shortage
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