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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Silver Price Crashes to Six Year Low - Why? - by Illuminati Silver

Many of our listeners know that since we set up this channel a little over 5 months ago, we predicted that silver prices were going to fall – below $14 in the short term and quite possibly to $12 in the medium term - and even a possibility of a ‘flash crash’ to perhaps $10 – if only for a short period of time. Today in 2015 silver is seen primarily as an industrial metal. Now we can all argue the historical case that silver has been a monetary metal for centuries if not millennia - well if we go back far enough seashells were used as currency too – and frankly we do not see people standing outside banks and shops with bag loads of conch’s to deposit or spend. Whether silver should or should not be regarded as a monetary metal is one argument, however, Central Banks and Governments are purchasing Gold to support their currencies not silver – and whether we like it or not, this sends out a signal to the investing community where the true value of silver lies – within the parameters of Industry. So, when industry declines, so does the price of silver – and industry is declining. This is a hard fact to swallow, but swallow it one must or be caught out at significant financial cost to yourself and your families. Well ask yourself, what actually happened to silver when we saw the 1000 point fall in the Dow – basically nothing, and then as soon as it recovered, silver collapsed. Why? Because when the stock markets fall, people realise the economy is not great and when that happens, they realise demand is going to fall, and therefore so will commodity prices – such as silver. If the world’s economy enters into a Japan Like depression, then silver could fall to ridiculously low levels for a lengthy period of time. If, as we believe, it’s only a medium term phenomena, then there is probably a 10% -25% downside risk in its price at current levels. What we are saying is just be cautious, do not allow the ‘pumpers’ to sway your reasoning, because they have all risen in recent days like the phoenix from the ashes declaring Dollar collapse and financial Armageddon. If they are right, then one would suggest that your first expenditure should be on food, water and protection.

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Silver Shortage
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