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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Silver Hits 3.5 Month High

Precious Metals' Bulls Build on Technical Momentum; Silver Hits 3.5 Month High ,
Kitco News-- The precious metal bulls are building upon the technical momentum they gained late last week with silver hitting a 3.5-month high Tuesday. Comex December silver has rallied for three consecutive sessions and pushed to its highest level since June, hitting an intra-day high of $16.070 an ounce. In early August, many analysts were bearish on silver, noting the market looked dire as prices hit new multi-year lows. The metal is now outperforming gold, which is also up for the third straight day. December Comex gold last traded up $9.00 at $1,146.60 an ounce. ‘Gold just had its worst quarterly loss in a year at the close of the third quarter, and close to its worst weekly loss since March. However, the shortfall in the jobs numbers on Friday was a sentiment changer on the likelihood of a Federal Reserve interest rate hike in October or December,’ said Frank Holmes, chief executive officer for U.S. Global Investors. Speaking with Kitco News on Tuesday, he explained, ‘Contrary to the majority, UBS and HSBC see gold as an excellent investment at current prices. UBS noted its belief that gold’s upside potential currently outweighs its downside risk.’

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