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Monday, November 9, 2015

Silver Nike - Mike Maloney's Latest 'Modern Ancients' Silver Round

It’s the newest and perhaps the finest in our Modern Ancients series yet. And it will only be available for a limited time.

This beautiful coin pays homage to one of the most prosperous and advanced civilizations in history, Ancient Greece. The Greeks emblazoned Nike, the Goddess of Victory, on their official coinage for centuries. Nike, was a winged goddess who flew over battlefields granting victory to ancient warriors.

On our silver round you can see Nike soaring through the clouds. Her wings are outstretched. The flames of her torch flow in the wind as she looks to the Earth, ready to bestow a laurel wreath on her chosen victor. When the Romans conquered Greece, she was adopted and renamed Victoria. And she endures to this day as a symbol of triumph. She is frequently pictured on Olympic medals, most recently in London 2012.

The craftsmanship of our Nike silver round is of extreme high quality. During production, our mint polished the coin dies every 1,500 stampings. Stamped on the back of each coin is its weight and purity, .999 AG (silver). These silver rounds have the benefit of being struck into 1-ounce increments, making them extremely liquid and less susceptible to counterfeit than large silver bars. The silver round protects your wealth against currency crises, devaluations, and or potential bank bail-ins.

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