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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Robert Kiyosaki Silver Why You Should Buy Silver Silver US Dollars Surge In Silver Prices

The price of silver is expected to rise as this precious metal continues to be in demand by investors as a safe haven asset and increasingly by industry for its unique qualities that make it an indispensable metal. Silver prices are currently trading at highs not seen in over 30 years. While the Hunt Brothers may be sitting out this current silver bull market, many analysts and experienced precious metals traders see strong fundamentals underpinning today's soaring demand for silver. While silver prices may not eclipse 2010's record increase of 84%, there are many reasons to have a favorable view of silver in the near future. In times of economic difficulty, people naturally flock to the safety and security offered by precious metals. Precious metals are time-tested, and have held their value through various crises. Unlike paper currencies that can be printed up on the whims of central bankers, precious metals are constrained by Mother Nature, which is why they have been considered a superior store of value throughout human civilization. What makes silver such a wise investment choice? The declining value of the US dollar and the threat of inflation have been a significant driver in the demand for silver. In this type of environment, people naturally look to protect the value of their wealth by reducing their exposure to dollar-denominated assets. They buy silver. A flight to safety has caused investors to turn to precious metals. The price of gold has risen to an all-time high. In light of this development, investors, and even governments have turned to silver as an alternate, more affordable safe haven option. The deteriorating condition of the United States economy has been one of the major factors in the price of silver as more investors buy silver bullion as a hedge against inflation and economic uncertainty. While the recession sparked by the financial meltdown of 2008 may technically be over, the economic recovery could be described as sluggish at best. In the absence of any concrete plans to address the fiscal imbalances by Congress and the monetary expansion by the Federal Reserve, it is difficult to see the US dollar gaining strength anytime in the short-term. Meanwhile, because of its many industrial applications, silver is seeing increased demand from manufacturers of consumer electronics, photography, and even medicine. A good portion of this demand is coming from outside the traditional sources of North America, Europe, and Japan. In the emerging economies of countries like China, India, and Brazil, income levels and living standards are increasing rapidly. A growing number of consumers are now demanding products that contain silver, such as flat screen televisions, smart-phones, and personal computers. In addition to driving demand for durable goods this new class of consumers is beginning to discover the benefits of silver as an investment and protector of wealth. As long as the United States and other advanced economies continue to be mired in slow economic growth, investors will continue to demand precious metals as a safe haven as they have done for centuries. In addition as economies grow, silver demand will grow as individuals buy more goods that contain silver.

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